Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pudding Last Sunday left me in a quandry - how do I soup up the strawberries when there is no cream to make creme anglaise?  After all, while we live in the centre of strawberry land, they are a daily item in our diets.

I found a bottle of Marsala (that of Nigella Lawson fame) and steeped the sliced strawberries in it.  Then I placed them in some pretty glasses and topped them off with my new favourite topping - full cream greek yoghurt, lemon curd, vanilla and a touch of icing sugar. Delicious!

We are having a house warming this weekend, and I am busy working away, so next week's blog will be complete with pics and recipes.  On the menu this weekend:
mini yorkshire puds with rare roast beef and a cream cheese horseradish dressing
Spring rolls - duck with shitake mushroom and ginger and some vegetarian spring rolls
Pesto chicken and Rosemary Olive and lemon chicken
Baby potato salad
Baby spinach, blue chees and pear salad
Chocolate meringue stack
Marsala strawberry dessert

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