Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Anyone for strawberry daiquiris and Mary Berry's Pork with chilli and coconut?

The strawberry season still being here, I had to use up some strawberries and making daiquiris is no hardship.  This is not a Mary Berry recipe - merely one gleaned from the internet.  But I will use the half we could not consume to add to Mary's Vanilla icecream.

Pork fillet is often available at a very good price and being lean, it is a healthy choice.  Tired of the usual suspects (stuffed with smoked mussels and wrapped in bacon or roast with apples and a creamy apple sauce), I decided to give Mary Berry's chilli version a whirl.  I don't often follow recipes for main meals, but in the interests of "Antoinette and Mary", I sacrificed myself! Instead of tinned tomatoes, I used tomato paste (many of you will know my husband does not eat tomatoes but finds the paste more palatable). Even though I used a medium curry powder, the taste was quite subtle but very delicious. 10/10 and a definite do again.

We are now converts to brown basmati rice and we find the best results are obtained when you soak the rice ahead of cooking in cold water.

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